SAINTS will again aim to prove ex-Liverpool star Mark Lawrenson wrong again today.

In his role as an online pundit, Lawrenson has predicted Saints will lose 2-1 at Nigel Adkins’ Reading.

That is no big shock, though – Lawrenson has predicted Saints will lose every single game they have played in 2013!

In fact, he has predicted them to lose in every league and cup game since correctly predicting a win against Reading back in early December!

Last week he predicted Saints to lose at home to Chelsea, just as he had thought Mauricio Pochettino’s men would lose at home to Manchester City and Liverpool.

Unsurprisingly, given Saints’ good run which has seen them move up to 12th, Lawrenson has got few predictions correct in recent weeks for his BBC online predictions column.

In fact, the only scoreline he did get right was QPR’s shock 2-1 win at St Mary’s.

Despite all that, Lawrenson, pictured during his Liverpool heyday, still thinks Saints will avoid the drop – and claims, despite all his negative predictions, he always knew they would end up safe!

“They are strong going forward which is why I always fancied they would be OK,” he said this week.

Saints fan Daren Wheeler, who writes a weekly column Beautiful South in the Sports Pink, described Lawrenson’s predictions as “absoutely crazy.”

“How he can say he always knew we would be safe when he’s predicted we’d lose every game this year is ridiculous.

“Does he read when he writes?”

Lawrenson’s online predictions go alongside a celebrity from outside the football world every week.

This week, singer Ollie Murs is the chosen celeb and he has predicted a 3-3 draw between Adkins’ current club and former employers.

“That prediction makes a lot of sense,” said Wheeler. “Which is more than you can say about what Lawrenson says.”