Here's the latest lists of all the transfer rumours doing the rounds about Southampton FC, over the winter of 2016.

Ronald Koeman has already said that no first team players will be leaving Saints this January - but will that stop the rumours flying?

We keep a look out across the media to find the deals that are being reported across the media - and bring them all to you in once place.

Whether or not you think there is anything in a rumour - well, that's completely up to you.

They could be on the money, a deal that was looked at - or even totally wrong.

We offer no opinion on how likely any of these deals are - we're just telling you what other media are reporting!

Players 'joining Saints'

Players 'leaving Saints'

As ever, if you come across any rumours (at least from a semi-reputable source!) send it to

We'll take a look and decide if it is worth adding to the list.