The average ticket price across the Premier League this season is £32.

And more than half of all fans are paying less than £30 per match, according to the league's second annual pricing survey.

Based on data from each club and compiled with help from professional services company EY, the study is the most comprehensive analysis of the actual cost of attending games.

Thanks to early-bird offers and loyalty discounts, one in three season tickets are sold below full price, saving fans a total of £10million across the season.

Last season, the league introduced a three-year cap on away ticket prices of £30 and this season's average away ticket will be £26.

The survey does not include a club-by-club breakdown of costs but the fall in the average cost of an away ticket is partly down to Arsenal's decision to price all away tickets at £26 - a positive step for a club often associated with high prices.

In a statement, Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore said: "The loyal and passionate support of attending fans is hugely appreciated by clubs, their managers and players, and the Premier League.

"This research shows the excellent value clubs are offering across the league and the impressive commitment of their fans.

"I hope it will challenge commonly held perceptions about the cost of attending Premier League football and encourage even more people to consider going to a match."

The study includes tickets sold in all parts of Premier League grounds, except hospitality areas, and the per-match cost of season tickets is found by dividing its price by the number of games it covers.

As encouraging as the headline figures are, some critics will still point out these prices are higher than they are abroad and suggest a league which earns so much from broadcasting can afford to be more generous to those fans who create the atmosphere at games.

A counter argument, however, would be that Premier League grounds are nearly full each weekend, the entertainment is world-class and this study shows there are tickets available at a range of prices.

In fact, only six per cent of all tickets cost more than £60 a game, while more than a quarter cost less than £20.

Among the survey's other findings are the fact that total capacity across the league is now 800,000 seats, a new record, and season ticket-holders account for nearly three quarters of fans at games.