FRUSTRATION was manager Andy Samuels’ overriding emotion after yet another Romsey Town game fell by the wayside last night.

With last week’s snow having melted, Samuels’ hopes were high of ending another three weeks of inactivity with a Sydenhams Wessex One fixture at Hythe & Dibden.

Alas, however, it was not to be as a torrential downpour on the Waterside rendered the Clayfields pitch unplayable.

“I went to our ground mid-afternoon, the sun was shining and our pitch was fine,” said Samuels.

“I’d spent most of the day thinking about how we were going to set the team up, etc. only to get a call just after 4.30pm saying there had been heavy showers over Hythe way.

“I’m not a groundsman, but I think the name of Hythe’s ground gives it away – when rain and clay meet, it’s not a good mix.

“It’s hard because we’re pushing for promotion, yet we’ve only played three games since December 23.

“This is the most productive season I’ve had since I’ve been in charge at Romsey and all we want to do is play.

“If we get many more games off, we’re going to have to play Saturday-Tuesday-Thursday to fit it all in and that’s not good.

"The players have full-time jobs, an over-excess of games can cause injuries and that creates problems. It’s frustrating.

“It’s not just us, there are other people being vocal about it on social media and you wonder whether it’s something the league needs to look at.

“We know we get rubbish weather in England at this time of year, but there’s still a cap on when the league finishes.

“How much looking at the pitches is being done? I’m not trying to land Hythe in it. One of my players works in Blackfield and there was torrential rain down there.

“But if a pitch is unplayable, should the fixture be reversed? All the players are prepared and champing at the bit to play. It’s frustrating.”

Fingers crossed seventh-placed Romsey will finally get a game at East Cowes Vics on Saturday (3pm) – but Samuels isn’t banking on it.

“There’ll probably be a storm at sea and we won’t be able to cross on the ferry!” he laughed.

“We had extra training last night, but that doesn’t compare to playing matches.”