SYDENHAMS Wessex League chairman Ian Hoare has urged clubs to get their disciplinary houses in order for the 2018/19 campaign – and stop swelling the coffers of the Hampshire Football Association.

Last season bookings alone cost clubs over £25,000 in fines, with no fewer than 2,530 yellow cards brandished across the league’s two divisions.

All told, clubs, players and members were fined in excess of £80,000 last term – a high price to pay for indiscipline.

In regard to Respect 2018, Andover Town were the hardest hit in the pocket, forking out £2,290. They were followed by Ringwood Town (£1,175), Lymington (£1,090), Newport IW (£1,090), Horndean (£1,090) and Alresford Town (£1,090).

At the other end of the spectrum, Petersfield Town, Fawley AFC, Whitchurch United and promoted Sydenhams One champions Christchurch kept on the right side of the Respect campaign and didn’t pay a penny.

While Hoare and his fellow league officials accept that bookings for fouls are part and parcel of the game, what they can’t accept is foul language and dissent.

“It’s horrendous,” said Hoare. “I’m fed up getting emails from people telling me they’ve been to such and such a game and been appalled by the bad language.

And he warned: “Any member of the public who enters our grounds has the right to report clubs or players to the county FA.

“Not only that, it costs clubs money in the end if people stop coming to games. Our own race relations/youth protection officer Bob Purkiss won’t take his grandchildren to football because he doesn’t want them to hear the language.

“I was astounded when I did the figures and worked out that over £80,000 was paid in fines last season.

“Why give the county FA money?

“If clubs want an officer of the league to come along and explain this to players, we will.

“Clubs are wasting money, so let’s cut it out.”

Hoare has laid down a challenge for clubs next season not to exceed 100 disciplinary points. Those who achieve that target will have their ticket money for the annual dinner dance/presentation night refunded.

Loose talk on social media is also hitting clubs in the pocket with several having already been fined by the county.

“A lot of Twitter sites are coming up and they’re not doing anyone any good,” warned Hoare.

“Clubs are responsible for what is said by players, club members etc.”

*John Gorman has stood down as Sydenhams Wessex League competition secretary after eight years of sterling service.

League chairman Ian Hoare said: "He's the longest-serving secretary this league has had. Stunning!"

Ringwood Town secretary Aubrey Hodder is taking over the reins, but Gorman will remain with the league on an informal basis.