HAMPSHIRE returned home with a handsome haul of 18 medals from the English Schools' Track & Field Championships in Birmingham - eight of them gold.

The discus was a rich source of treasure with Sam Callaway (intermediate girls), Heather Cubbage (senior girls), Rhys Allen (junior boys) and Josh Douglas (senior boys) all claiming top spot on the podium.

Lara Scott was the pride of Mountbatten School, Romsey, winning the junior girls' high jump with a leap of 1.67 metres and there was gold too for Jack Norton (senior boys' high jump), Ben Pattison (inter boys' 400m) and Tom Hewson (senior boys' javelin).


Alexander Stadium, Birmingham.

Hampshire results.


200m: Ayomide Cole (St Swithuns) 3rd heat 26.12; 300m: Izzy Pinder (Costello) 4th heat 42.25; 800m: Sienna Richardson (Costello) 8th heat, 2.25.00, 1500m: Holly Wilkinson (Brookfield) 17th heat, 4,54.00; 75m hurdles: Ella Manning (Courtmoor) 1st heat 11.26, 1st semi-final 11.15, 5th final 11.34; Tabitha Proudley (Testwood) 4th heat 11.61; High jump: Lara Scott (Mountbatten) 1st final GOLD 1.67; Iona Irvine (LWC) = 13th final 1.55; Long jump: Lana Blake (Ballard) 4th round one 5.31, 4th final 5.51; Discus: Olivia Austin (Upper Shirley High) 11th final 28.55; Javelin: Jasmine Larsen (The Gregg) 8th final 35.39; Shot put: Gabriella Jones (Brookfield) 7th final 10.74; Hammer: Beth Matthews (Harrow Way) 5th final 42.01; Lily Kendall (Wavell) 11th final 37.55; 4x100m relay: Hampshire 2nd heat 48.89, 3rd final BRONZE 48.79.


200m: Hannah Childs (Bridgemary) 5th heat 26.10, 8th semi-final 25.98; Catherine Edwards (Costello) 7th heat 26.60; 800m: Ellie Farrow (Ditcham Park) 2nd heat 2.13.27, 2nd final SILVER 2.10.48; Saffron Moore (Cams Hill) 8th heat 2.21.93; 3000m: Alice Garner (Calthorpe Park) 12th final 10.40.14; 80m hurdles: Hollie Thurgood (Bay House) 5th heat 11.80, 8th semi-final 11.93; 300m hurdles: Maddie Turner (St Swithuns) 4th heat 45.21; Ellie Livingstone (Perins) 5th heat 45.32; High jump: Jess Gordon (Applemore) 6th Pool B 1.60; Triple jump: Maddie Wilton (Cams Hill) 13th final 10.53; Discus: Samantha Callaway (Hampshire Collegiate) 1st final GOLD 44.28; Ellie Lovett (Cowes Enterprise) 7th final 32.08; Shot put: Elizabeth Adamson 20th final 10.45; Yasmin Grosvenor (Hawley Hurst) 21st final 10.36; 4x100m relay: Hampshire 2nd heat 49.73.


200m: Jasmine McLutchie (Peter Symonds) 6th heat 25.96; 400m: Lydia Somers (Queen Marys) 7th heat 59.95; Amber Clare (Queen Marys) 6th heat 59.68; 800m: Rebecca Bullock (Queen Marys) 5th heat 2.18.58; 3000m: Maddie Deadman (Queen Marys) 17th final 10.27.95; 1500m steeplechase: Maisie Grice (Peter Symonds) 3rd final BRONZE 4.52.33; Rebecca Poole (Queen Marys) 11th final 5.57.48; High jump: Amaya Scott (Peter Symonds) 10th final 1.69; Discus: Heather Cubbage (South Downs) 1st final GOLD 43.69; Shot put: Gaia Osborne (Havant College) 3rd final BRONZE 12.52; Ellie Hodgson (Itchen College) 9th final 10.29; Hammer: Cerys Thomas (Havant College) 8th final 46.18; 4x100m relay: Hampshire 4th heat 49.93.


100m: Alfie Jurd (Brune Park) 8th heat 12.06; 300m: Thomas Hockley (Noadswood) 6th heat 38.34; 80m hurdles: Elliott Evans (Cams Hill) 1st heat 11.17, 2nd final SILVER 11.04; Monty Allen (RMS) 7th heat 13.29; Rory Whelan (Salesian) 5th heat 11.98; High jump: Adam Robinson (Harrow Way) 2nd final SILVER 1.84; Discus: Rhys Allen (Hounsdown) 1st final GOLD 43.77; Tyler Pattison (Portchester) 2nd final SILVER 42.23; Javelin: Liam Cawley (Eggars) 8th final 46.60; Callum Taylor (Hayling College) 10th final 45.45; Shot put: Kyril Kennett (Rookwood) 11th final 11.75; Hammer: William Cubbage (Springfield) =14th final; 4x100m relay: Hampshire 3rd heat 45.60, final disqualified.


 100m: Jacob Nelson (Brune Park) 4th heat 11.41; 400m: Ben Pattison (RMS) 1st heat 50.09, 1st semi-final 50.19; 1st final GOLD 47.80; 800m: Samuel Charig 5th heat 1.58.57; 1500m: Liam Dunne (Bohunt) 10th heat 4.13.57; 3000m: Henry McLuckie (Ringwood) 15th final 9.11.90; 100m hurdles: Adam Booth (Christ the King) 3rd heat 13.81; Discus: Josh Douglas (Thornden) 1st final GOLD 55.83; Oliver Thatcher (Thornden) 7th final 40.74; Javelin: Kameron Duxbury (Crookhorn) 8th final 52.41; Brad Jenvey (Toynbee) 12th final 50.76; Shot put: Joshua Wise (Oaklands) 3rd final BRONZE 15.78; 4x100m relay: Hampshire 3rd heat 43.94, 3rd final BRONZE 43.72.


400m: Lynden Olowe (Itchen College) 2nd heat 48.87, 2nd final SILVER 48.32; 1500m: Max Hayden (Farnborough VI) 10th heat 3.59.47; 3000m: Lachlan Wellington (Barton Peveril) 7th final 8.33.85; 110m hurdles: Kanya Mtshweni (Peter Symonds) DNS; High jump: Jack Norton (PGS) 1st final GOLD 2.10; Charlie Button (Ryde) 8th final 1.92; Javelin: Tom Hewson (Peter Symonds) 1st final GOLD 69.13.