SAINTS historian David Bull will be giving a talk on the club’s history during World War Two at the SeaCity Museum in Southampton this week.

Bull, a member of Hagiology Publishing who have written a wide-range of books relating to Southampton Football Club, will be talking on July 19 at 3pm.

So, if you want your fill of Saints during this closed-season, now there’s a perfect opportunity.

The talk runs at the venue of the the Southampton Football Club exhibition at the SeaCity, which you will have admission to if you buy a ticket for the talk.

The talk is called SAINTS AT WAR: what happen to Southampton’s Footballers in the Second World War.

It will cover what happened to those players who remained at home, why Southampton attracted few star guests and were jealous of Aldershot, how so many matches were affected by air-raid warnings, why Saints had to play a ‘home’ match at Fratton Park and what happened when Bristol City arrived at The Dell with only two players.

The talk also extends to those connected with the club who served overseas.

It’ll look at what it meant to serve on an Arctic Convoy to Russia’s frozen north-west, how only one ex-Saint serving in the army was killed – while sitting in a classroom in sight of Arnhem’s ‘bridge too far’ and how to escape from Stalag VIIIB by slicing off a finger.