Mark Hughes believes everything is in place for Nathan Redmond to sprinkle a bit of “stardust” on Saints this season.

Redmond made a big impact in the season opener against Burnley to state his intent after a difficult campaign last time out.

Redmond spoke openly as to how he was affected by the widespread booing he received from Saints fans last season but with a manager who clearly backs him is now ready to try and prove his worth.

Hughes said: “I would like to think he’s come through it. He got a good response again at the weekend.

“Maybe the frustration fans have had with Nathan he has at times with his own game.

“Without a doubt he’s a young talent that has got a lot more development we feel.

“It will always be linked with confidence and certain players need that confidence that managers and coaches and fans are with them to enable them to be able to perform.

“Maybe all those elements haven’t been in place but they are now.

“He’s in a good place, people want him to succeed and he wants to do that.”

Redmond undoubtedly has the pace and ability to make a big impact, and Hughes thinks he will.

“He has the ability to go past players,” said the Saints boss. “Every team needs that type of player, at least one and maybe even two or three. A player that can change the game in your favour.

“He’s got certain parts of his game in terms of his ability go past people with good pace and that gets you up the field of play to create chances for yourself and others.

“You have to have players like Redders who have that little bit of stardust to be able to make the difference.”

Redmond is likely to retain his place at Everton tomorrow.

Moi Elyounoussi is set to miss out with a tight hamstring but Stuart Armstrong is fit after limping off against Burnley.

Hughes did admit that while Redmond has had an excellent pre-season it will take a few games for everybody to be at the same level.

“I speak with Redders every single day. He’s a good kid, he wants to get better,” insisted Hughes.

“He has actually had a really good pre-season. Some guys struggle to have an impact in pre-season, everybody’s on different levels of fitness and sometimes players lose form they had at the end of the season.

“Until the season starts three or four games in there is a little bit of a discrepancy in terms where each player is but I have to say Nathan has come back really sharp, really strong, really focussed on what he wanted to do this year. As a consequence his pre-season has been really good.

“I thought that showed in the opening game as well. I think he was bright and sharp and positive.

“At times, even last year in games towards the end, his decision making when to take people on and when to retain possession was in need of bettering but he looks a lot more positive and has more confidence.

“To me that’s the key to Nathan. When he plays well it’s a result of the confidence he’s got.

“He’s at a good point and in a good place at the moment so we are really pleased with what he’s producing day in and day out.”