DANNY Ings has revealed exactly what the terms of his bet with Liverpool  and Egypt goal machine Mo Salah are. 

The pair are good friends after playing together at Anfield and struck up a competition to see who will score the most goals this season after Ings' exit to Saints this summer. 

Currently both players have scored two goals apiece in the Premier League and Ings has now explained what is up for grabs for the winner of the lighthearted challenge. 

Ings jokingly explained that if he scores the most, then Salah owes him 'half of Egypt', while, if the Reds star triumphs, the Saints striker will buy him a Costa Coffee. 

"When I left, he sent me a message to wish me all the best. We're good friends, we stay in touch," Ings said.

"And what he said to me was, let's have a competition. Me and you, starting from now.

"I think he'd already scored, so he said, 'we'll start from now'.

"Obviously I laughed it off and was like, 'no, come on. Let's have a bet'.

"For a joke, knowing how much of a worshipped man he is and what he does for his county, I said, 'okat, well if I win, you give me half of Egypt.

"But if you win, I'll get you a Costa (coffee). Because I know he loves his Costas.

"And he like, 'no, that's not fair'. And I said, 'it's fair. You need to take that bet'.

"So yeah, it was just a bit of fun. That's all it was."