The news at big football clubs is normally about new players coming in, players leaving, and managers the same.

This week, unfortunately for our club, it has been the departure of Les Reed, who was vice chairman of the football side.

I’m not one for knowing too much about the internet etc, but I have been shown by various people the many adverse comments which have been thrown at people like Les, the chairman and the owners for a while now by supporters.

Of course, in the old days it would normally just be towards the manager, as well as the players.

Where players are lucky is that they don’t get sacked, as they are all on contracts. They may not have them renewed but they get opportunities to have better games than the week before etc.

Unfortunately for us and Les our games have not been getting any better.

At this stage of the season having won only one game heading into this weekend, and not scoring many goals, obviously something had to be looked at.

I think any manager would be realising he was under more pressure, but as I have said before Mark Hughes only came in towards the end of last season and without him I think we would have got relegated.

He then only had the pre-season to sort out which players he would put in the first team and with so many around in his squad it does take time.

He with his experience will know that the crowd are not happy, the players have to realise that, let’s face it, their lack of winning has cost a man his job and who knows if there will be more to follow?

Les Reed has had a long career in the game.

He spent time at non-league clubs and had two spells at The FA.

His background having been a teacher concentrated more on the coaching side and, as he got older, a consultant in that field.

It has to remembered that in his eight year period, no matter what anyone thinks, he helped the club rise form League One to the Premier League, but nowadays it is so important to stay in the top division that due to the fact we are now basically in the relegation threatened group decisions had to be made.

The main criticism is that under his authority certain players were sold on to bigger clubs whilst the players coming in have not been up to the same level, which has given an opening for supporters to be frustrated.

This modern type of position, which is very different to when the manager had full control of in the old days, means that when things don’t go as well people like Les have to fall on their sword.

It could well be the new owner, Mr Gao, who until now has not made any public statements, may not be a football man, but as a businessman he will be looking at the league table and realising that if things do not improve and there is a relegation the value of his investment would decrease overnight.

Whatever the reason, Les is now past normal retirement age and I don’t think will be desperate to get another job immediately.

No matter what his image is at present supporters should remember his early days and wish him well in whatever he goes into now.

Whether he does intend to be involved in the game, or if he decides it is time to put his feet up, then I am sure he will be able to get tickets for whatever game he wishes to go to.