Ahead of this weekend's Premier League match with Manchester United, Saints fan Dan Hargraves, 17, takes his place In the Dugout.

How long have you supported Saints?

This is my fourth season where I've been a proper, dedicated, die-hard fan!

Daily Echo:

Saints fan Dan Hargraves

Pre-match thoughts?

I feel that if we are to get a result against any of the top-six this season then this is the game in which we'd do it.

Of course, our form hasn't been anywhere near good enough, but if we can get St.Mary's rocking on Saturday and put Jose Mourinho's side under even more pressure, I think we could sneak a result.

United are already seven points off the top-four and need to build up ground, but you'd have to say that the game is more important for Saints given their recent crumble that's now put them into the bottom three.

We have to look at Huddersfield last weekend, one win and they went up six places.

Even a draw would be a decent result in my eyes, but it's got to that desperate stage where really anything but three points isn't good enough.

Why is the form at St Mary's so wretched?

I think there are numerous reasons and one of them is the atmosphere - or the lack of one.

Personally, I don't think the fans get behind the team nearly as much as they used to given the poor performances over the last couple of seasons.

There's only one stand that sings throughout the game and I believe that if results are to pick up at home, then the fans definitely need to up the decibels!

Of course, the downfall in the quality of the squad will be the significant factor of why the home form has been so abysmal, but if I was a player and I saw fans walking out with 15 minutes to go being just a goal down my confidence would be pretty low!

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