FORMER Saints boss Mauricio Pochettino will be 'so happy' to see Kelvin Davis in the opposite dugout at Wembley tomorrow.

When the current Tottenham manager took charge at St Mary’s in 2013, one of his first decisions was to install Davis as his captain.

"I care a lot for Southampton," Pochettino said.

"It was a massive impact in my life as a manager and coach, and I am so grateful to Southampton.

"Of course in front is going to be Kelvin Davis, who was our player, my first captain.

"He was a great personality, a great character, a great man and it's so nice to face him, in a difficult situation for both, because we both need to win.

"But in the same way I'm so happy to see him because I know his dream is to be a coach, to be a manager.

"For many reasons it's fantastic to face him tomorrow and to meet him, but for another thing it will be a very tough 90 minutes for both sides."

Pochettino is will be looking for his Spurs side to bounce back from their 4-2 defeat to Arsenal at the weekend.

The Argentinian is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the Premier League and he puts that down to his development at Saints.

Pochettino added: "It was my first opportunity and then always I told the people of course the fans were very disappointed when we left, but the circumstances were completely different after a year and a half.

"Always with my family we talk and I think it was one of the best periods in my life that we spent there. We found amazing people there, an amazing town.

"They provided everything, made it feel like home for us and always my affection is going to be there.

"It was my first club in England, the possibility to manage a club in the Premier League with not one word in English, because when I arrived six years ago I still needed to improve.”