Saints need to keep their focus on what they alone can do over the course of what is likely to be a testing run to the end of the season.

There were mixed emotions last night.

Initially a sense of elation that they had managed to secure another good result against a top six side with a commendable 0-0 draw at Chelsea.

But then a feeling of deflation when they realised that they had sunk into the bottom three - and the table looked even worse than it might given Burnley’s win meant there was suddenly a two-point gap to safety.

It’s not easy but Saints must try and ignore all of that. Block it out.

Of course, at the end of the season the table will be all important.

For now, though, there are still plenty enough games to play that Saints must concentrate on their performances, their results, and trust in the process.

If Saints are good enough to get draws at Chelsea, then they should be good enough to pick up enough wins along the way that they will finish outside of the bottom three.

Drawing at Chelsea is nothing to be disappointed about. It is a fine result.

What was out of Saints’ hands was what anybody else did, and the fact that a good evening on the pitch wasn’t matched by the final equation shouldn’t be any cause for concern, even if it’s understandable it might weigh on minds a little with a week-and-a-half to see the table in papers and on TV before the next league game.

If Saints need to really look for positives to help their mindset in that regard, there were plenty to be taken from the display at Stamford Bridge.

Ralph Hasenhuttl promised that whatever else happened his Saints team would be committed to the cause and would scrap and fight for every result.

That was exactly what they did at Chelsea.

It wasn’t a great game of football by any standards, but Saints came and set up to try and restrict and frustrate Chelsea and they did exactly that.

They were so industrious and stayed switched on mentally.

Admittedly it was a little surprising just how one-dimensional Chelsea were.

Saints set-up to try and pack out central areas in defence where Chelsea normally try and play through with intricate passing or chip over the top, but the Blues, for all their quality, had no plan b to speak of and so kept running into a red and white wall.

Not that Saints were complaining.

Their back to the wall type performances have been strong, and now they will be looking for a little more offensive threat too with only four more matches against big six teams remaining in the season.