RALPH Hasenhuttl will put his faith in Saints’ academy for tomorrow’s FA Cup third round match with Derby County.

Hasenhuttl has been rotating his squad over the Christmas schedule in order to keep his players fresh.

“Absolutely, but it’s not a signal that we aren’t interested in the FA Cup,” said Hasenhuttl.

“We are very interested in making the next round, but we are also interested in bringing a fresh team onto the pitch.

“The Chelsea game really cost us a lot of energy and it’s important that we make changes.

“We try to find a good balance. What we did last week was changing players but keeping the quality on the high level by finding players who can put our philosophy on the pitch.

 “I think the FA Cup is very special for the people in England. I can remember as a small boy in Germany and Austria I was always a fan for the FA Cup.

“It’s the most famous cup in Europe. I think it’s normal that the fans want to see us coming very far in this challenge.”

Saints travelled to Derby in a pre-season fixture last summer and were rolled over by Frank Lampard's Championship side in a 3-0 defeat.

Hasenhuttl is yet to experience a cup game on English soil and is eager to make sure his side avoid a replay.

“It will be a difficult game, but it’s a chance to win against Derby County and make the next step.

“I’ve seen a lot of good moments until now from Derby. When they played against Chelsea, I saw a very good game from them.

“It is a team that at home is a big challenge for us, absolutely.

“It is new for me that if it is a draw you have a replay, no overtime, no penalty shootout in the first game.

“That is completely new for me, I’ve never had that before in my career.

“We should have to play immediately, so that someone will win. But I think it’s good for the intensity of this game. No-one will play for a draw.

“No-one wants to have a replay, so everyone is trying to win this game.”