There is a very big event in sport today with the England rugby team playing in Wales where the atmosphere will be, as ever, fantastic.

The Welsh, as we know, are noted for many things, and particularly singing. One other thing is that the name that keeps cropping up in my experience is Jones.

I have had a contact from a gentleman called Jeff Jones, who has invited me to go an event on March 1, which is St David’s Day. The reason I will support it is because it is to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which our very own Southampton General Hospital has a unit for.

This is not a normal sort of evening. There are 50-60 choristers travelling all the way from Wales to sing songs from shows as well as traditional Welsh tunes.

They will be joined by local artiste Annie Tatnall from Romsey who will be the guest soprano soloist.

The venue is St Andrew’s Church on The Avenue. There is a fee of £10. Refreshments available on the night and you wouldn’t get a better cause or better singing. It starts at 7.30pm.

As I said the name Jones crops up again even on the same night as the compere is Barri Hurford-Jones, who, incidentally, is a former headmaster at Bitterne Park School having worked there for 16 years. It could be a good time for some of his former pupils to meet up with him again.

The outstanding Jones for me was many years ago when I had been at a gentleman’s sporting lunch in London.

As I was leaving some of the names who were there such as Jimmy Tarbuck and Michael Parkinson started singing ‘When the Saints Go Marching Out.’ What made me turn around was I recognised a third voice which turned out to be Tom Jones.

He waved me over and I finished the song alongside him and when I see him on TV I always like to remember that I sang with him one day.

Getting back to football, I have always said there is a difference between coaching and man management, and the higher up the ladder you go in our football leagues and the better the quality of players the more and more essential man management becomes.

I do believe a lot of the gentlemen coming in from around Europe are undoubtedly top class coaches but it would appear that at Chelsea, for instance, Mauricio Sarri is lacking on the managerial front.

He is not only now getting booed by the big crowds at Stamford Bridge but individual players are coming out publicly and criticising his way of training.

This, of course, can only end in one way.

I remember managers asking me why Claude Puel had left Southampton having finished eighth top and got to Wembley.

My answer was that, in my opinion, the crowd had played a big part in getting him out because they didn’t enjoy the football and made it quite clear during games to the board.

This will escalate for Sarri. This weekend they play Manchester City in the League Cup final at Wembley. At one time they would have been favourites, but his family may well be packing the bags already.

One interesting point I did see was that if he was to be sacked now, bearing in mind he hasn’t been there a full season, he will be lowest paid off manager at Chelsea - and there have been a few recently - only getting £5m apparently.

You have to feel sorry for him I suppose but undoubtedly after going home, having a trip to the bank and a few days with his feet up he will probably be connected with another club somewhere. How things have changed.

If you are watching The Voice this weekend don’t expect me to be on. I’ve had my day.

But I look forward to attending the Welsh concert on St David’s Day.