Ralph Hasenhuttl thinks that Shane Long’s record for the fastest Premier League goal will stand for years to come.

Long netted after just 7.69 seconds in Saints’ 1-1 draw against Watford at Vicarage Road to shatter a record that had stood for 19 years.

It was a truly remarkable moment and caps a fine run of goalscoring form for the often-maligned striker.

Hasenhuttl smiled: “It was fantastic I think.

“It was a very good signal after the game on Saturday where I was really not happy about the first half where were not aggressive enough.

“I think they listened very well, especially Shane Long. He was so quick and so quick attacking.

“After the ball win that is one thing but to score also is another thing.

“I think he has a little bit the image that he doesn’t score so much but in the last four games three goals. It’s amazing and an amazing performance he shows in the moment.

“I am absolutely happy with him.”

He added: “It’s not so easy (for the record to be broken). The only chance is to shoot from the middle line. That is the only chance to beat this record because much faster is not possible I think.”

Long has now scored three times in his last four appearances for Saints having only netted one other goal this season.

He has become a key man for Hasenhuttl, not only because of his goals but also his all-round displays which have pleased his manager more than anything.

“I think that the game we play in the moment and the style of football with ball wins and immediate transition forward and deep runs is something he likes to play because he is very quick,” reflected Hasenhuttl.

“He is also an intelligent player and knows exactly the position you must be if you win the ball to be dangerous for opponents.

“I think he is not only this but our target man at the moment because he knows very well how to use his body to keep the ball and be our target man.

“The last games he played very well and now he deserves to play from the beginning.

“Ingsy played against Newcastle but two games in three days is too much for his muscles and that was the reason I wanted to bring in Shane from the beginning and I think he will not forget this game.”