Stuck in a car in traffic on the M25 during the last day of warm weather for some time and with the prize at the end of watching an end of season match meant expectations were tempered for those heading up from the south coast for Saints’ game at Watford.

What transpired was one of the more remarkable, and surreal, occasions Saints have enjoyed for quite a while.

Perhaps devoid of the intense pressure of sweating over the importance of the result as has been customary in recent times actually allowed Saints fans to enjoy their evening. And enjoy it they certainly did.

The highlight?

Well, take your pick.

Right up there has to be Shane Long scoring the fastest Premier League goal in history. Just 7.69 seconds had elapsed when the striker finished to break a record that has stood for 19 years and is unlikely to be taken from him for many more to come.

Given that Saints also hold the record for the fastest hat-trick via Sadio Mane’s effort against Aston Villa it is quite something for the club to be able to boast.

Perhaps the high point was the general Saints display. It was so attacking, vibrant, full of spirit and life, of pressing. It was very open, but so entertaining to watch.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, it was John Barnes.

The England, Liverpool and, of course, Watford legend was promoting a new film about Elton John by singing ‘Rocket Man’ on the pitch at half time with lyrics to the song (they inevitably later became paper aeroplanes) having been left on every seat for a karaoke sing-along.

Or maybe it was John Barnes shouting ‘shut up Southampton fans’ as they refused to play ball and chanted ‘Oh When the Saints’ so loud it drowned him out.

Or it could be when John Barnes did the ‘World In Motion’ rap. There didn’t appear to be a reason for that, but it was quite incredible.

The only spoiler was the late Watford equaliser that denied Saints the three points.

It felt a little cruel given they had led, quite literally, for all but the first few touches of the game and hit the post twice.

But before kick-off they might well have a taken a point against a team with much to play for and competing for seventh given that it moves them even closer to mathematical safety, which could be sealed at the weekend.

The drama at the beginning and end of the game did only seem fitting given the nature of the bizarre evening.

Perhaps it was all a dream. If this doesn’t actually appear in print then it probably was, but at least it was a good one.