IN last week’s column I spoke about Liverpool or Man City battling for top place, which at this late stage makes life much more interesting than one team being way out above the rest.

After the derby match Man City really upset everybody on Merseyside by their good win against United.

The main part of the column was about the initial ‘L’. Apart from Leeds United, who are now one of three teams trying to get automatically promoted as their Yorkshire rivals Sheffield United squeeze into the frame, all the others seem to be home and dry.

This week’s initial I am going to pick is ‘B’.

I have often mentioned the similarity between Burnley, Brighton and Bournemouth, mainly because of the three managers.

All of them are English, have been at their clubs longer than the average these days having done exceptionally good jobs with less finance and, even more so in Bournemouth’s case, a small ground capacity. They have room for just over 11,000 fans when the big boys have 60,000-70,000.

Unlike the Ls, the Bs are certainly looking over their shoulders.

With three games to go Burnley and our near neighbours Bournemouth are just about safe, but Brighton need to get points even though Cardiff look favourites to join the other two who are already relegated.

Knowing Neil Warnock and Cardiff they will not give up until the last whistle goes and I just hope for Chris Hughton’s sake that they survive.

Assuming he is still there - and Brighton are not the sort of club who kick managers out easily – he needs to have a good look at his squad in the summer and also the way they are playing as they are being criticised week after week.

In last week’s game they didn’t have one shot in the 90 minutes but I am sure that will not bother him too much at the moment. Survival is the biggest thing.

The other B which will be more popular and well known in this area more than anywhere else is Benali.

I have said many times how I signed him as a schoolboy centre-forward.

He finished playing more than 300 games for Southampton, scoring one goal, which showed what a good judge I am.

He became one of the best left backs around in his time and always gave 110 per cent on the field, which made him so popular with the supporters.

Apart from popping up in the media since he retired he has also done a fantastic job of fundraising for Cancer Research UK.

He has already done two magnificent events which involved running the length of the country and is starting on Monday attempting an unbelievable task which I don’t think I can remember anyone else doing.

I think we have all heard the word Ironman, which in itself is incredible. An Ironman means a triathlon of swimming 2.4 miles, 112 miles on the bike and then running a 26.2 mile marathon.

For anyone to do that in one day is almost unbelievable but I have to keep checking I have got this right – Franny, having done the first day, which is apparently in Manchester, will not then be carried off to a bed somewhere but will be ready at his next starting point for Tuesday’s second Ironman. It will continue day after day until he ends up with the marathon in Southampton a week on Sunday.

That will be seven Ironmans in one week, which is quite amazing, and for such a good cause. He has already raised between around £700,000 and his target that I’m sure he will hit easier than the net he used to try and find is £1m.

I am sure people around the country will admire his efforts and want to support him, and especially in this area where anyone who has met him will understand what a nice man he is with a lovely family behind him who will be with him every day next week.

To make a donation you can text FRAN5 or FRAN10 to 70200 to donate £5 or £10, or to do any donation size online go to Good luck Franny, we’re all behind you.