Ralph Hasenhuttl has set on sights on buying in quality during the summer transfer window after admitting he has “a very clear picture” of what Saints need following a disappointing end to their season.

The Saints boss was upset with his side’s final day 1-1 draw with bottom of the table Huddersfield at St Mary’s and at some of the football the team have produced since they knew they would be safe from relegation.

It has made Hasenhuttl reassess his squad and he knows what he wants, even though he accepts it might be difficult to achieve.

He said: “It is a very clear picture for me now what we are still missing in our game.

“Maybe we know that we only win games when we have the perfect commitment and shape and work perfect together.

“If there are a few guys not 100 per cent in the right direction then we are struggling always.

“That means we need more quality next season. We must create more quality but maybe also get quality in from new players. That is what we are looking for in the summer for sure.

“It will be a difficult summer for sure because we have our limits with transfer fees and things like that but we must be clear that we have to make a few new players in the team.

“We have to sign a few new players and work with them exactly the same way as we did with our players now and try to create a new spirit and winning mentality because that was missing after being safe.

“After being safe I missed this winning mentality and to lean back a little bit and that’s what I really don’t like.”

Saints took the lead against Huddersfield but ended up with a draw against a team with one of the worst records in Premier League history.

“We know we could make a step in the table because Burnley lost and to lose a game where the opponent doesn’t have a goal chance, not a real one, and we had a lot of them, hurts really. I must say,” he admitted.

“It is a little bit like a picture from this season and it’s what we know we have to change for next season, for sure.

“We see that if you play in an intense way, an aggressive way, we are good, we can score, we can create chances.

“If we are a little bit sloppy every mistake is immediately a goal and that’s something we have to change for next season. It’s a clear message for the team, it’s a clear message for me.

“That means next season we maybe have a few new players next year and also create a new spirit and new mentality because we must give a different picture from the first game day.

“That’s the goal and a clear message for the summer and we will work on this.”