This time of the year most players and managers are off on holidays, but the punishment for being successful is that you are still working.

We saw that last Wednesday when thousands of miles away Arsenal’s poor season, by their standards, finished off with a real hammering form Chelsea, who are flying, in the Europa League final.

One of the differences in football these days was emphasised in that game where Eden Hazard was outstanding, as he has been most of the season, and scored two goals but everyone is expecting him to leave.

If he is still under contract and is their best player, why should he be allowed to leave anyway?

As I have often said looking at the gossip columns every morning and reading what is in today’s newspapers just about every club in the top flight has a player linked with a move.

Agents, of course, are clapping their hands every time one of their players moves because they get money. Such is life.

The final game when it comes to our Premier League clubs is tonight, a bit closer to home in Madrid, which is probably more famous for bull fights. I suppose you could call this fixture a football bull fight.

This week I had my annual golf day for Autism Hampshire which has been running for more than 15 years now.

There was a great turnout of sports personalities and in the evening legend Mike Osman, in addition to imitating President Trump, interviewed some of the players, one of whom was Kevin Keegan who comes down from Manchester every year to play.

When asked his thoughts about Saturday and who would win he obviously put up a strong argument for Liverpool and made the point that he had never ever heard of a club that went through a whole season losing only one game but didn’t win the league.

He thinks they will make up for that by coming home with the Champions League trophy.

However, he shouldn’t underestimate Mr Pochettino.

He did such a good job at Southampton and has got that sort of determination and grit inside of him that Kevin had when he played for us.

To be fair I think most people expected Arsenal to lose their game but it will be very hard to decide on this one.

Whichever way it goes both clubs have to be congratulated for reaching the final and completing what has been a terrific advert for our Premier League with four of our teams getting to the finals of the two European cup competitions, something Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG all tried, and failed to do.

However the final result falls they will have all earned a break, but having said that because the clubs are so good and so high in the league, they naturally have many players who play for their countries and that is what crops up next with the Nations League taking place.

Let’s sit back and enjoy tonight’s game and look forward to next week’s international’s and even more action to fill the summer.