Ralph Hasenhuttl felt his team deserved more than they got from their 2-1 defeat to Liverpool.

Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino gave the Reds a 2-0 lead only for Danny Ings to take advantage of an error from Adrian to set up a grandstand finish.

Ings had a golden opportunity to level the scores late on with both sides guilty of squandering chances throughout the game.

In the end it was Liverpool who came out on top with Hasenhuttl left to wonder what might have been.

He said: “After the first half it was hard to take because I think we hadn’t been so bad.

“We had big chances to score and stretched them very early and tried to get high pressure on them and didn’t give a lot of chances away for them.

“It’s the difference a player like Mane in such a moment when you see all his quality and all his performance. Unbelievable.

“Then you are one down and it was not easy to take I think but in the second half you could feel when this opponent gets more comfortable and has a little more time and you run without the ball and the pressure is something we tried to avoid in the first half.

“We had invested a lot, especially the two strikers in front who sprinted against the ball a lot, also the three in midfield.

“It worked well I think but finally the energy gets less and you could feel the second goal was a scene we tried to avoid for 90 minutes.

“Second half we had the view we didn’t want to have where we give them the chance for the early ball win and didn’t play in the space we wanted to play but where we didn’t want to play.

“The second goal was the only thing I was really angry about.

“We tried everything and the belief you could feel from this team is that they are still trying everything to come back in the game which was the biggest change to the last week where we fall and didn’t stand up after the second goal.

“We tried to come back in the game and after the 2-1 we could feel there was hope for everybody.

“Ingsy scored once but I think he could be the big hero. The second chance for us was unbelievable. We had three men in the box at that moment and didn’t bring the ball over the line.

“That was a pity for the guys. For what they invested they deserved to take maybe one point and didn’t. That’s tough to take but finally we have to.”