THERE are few bigger supporters of the Video Assistant Referee than Matt Le Tissier, who admits wishing the technology was available during his playing days.

Saints have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of VAR.

Without it, Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side would be in the bottom three.

They are two points better off following the decision to disallow two Raul Jimenez goals at Wolves on Saturday, on top of Oliver McBurnie’s overturned goal in the 1-0 win at Sheffield United last month.

Le Tissier would be in favour of VAR whether it benefited Saints or not. 

But for all the criticism, with Jurgen Klopp the latest manager to highlight its downside, he is just pleased more decisions are going the right way.

“I like fairness, that’s the thing about it all.” he says. 

“Certainly with the offsides. That’s my main point and the one rule I wanted it brought in for.

“Years ago I said no goal should ever be scored in the Premier League that’s offside, with the technology we have.

“At the moment we’re getting there and that makes the game fairer.”

One of the biggest arguments against VAR is the time to takes for decisions to be made, but Le Tissier remains adamant that the right call is worth the wait.

“If it means waiting 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 90 seconds, so be it,” he continued. 

“That’s just the way I feel. I’d rather celebrate a minute later, knowing the goal was good than not celebrate at all. 

“I’ve seen every goal that’s been scored in the Premier League this season and haven’t seen a stadium that doesn’t erupt when the ball hits the back of the net. 

“So I think that’s a very poor argument against VAR. 

“If you study the crowd’s reaction, I don’t see anyone in the crowd going ‘I’m not going to celebrate that in case it’s not a goal’.

“I spent too many games coming off the pitch feeling like I’d been cheated to not have it brought in when it’s available.

“There were certainly huge penalty shouts down the years that we’d have had on away grounds which were never given. 

“The one that stands out for me was a disallowed goal at Old Trafford in the mid-90s. Simon Charlton or Neil Shipperley scored a header at the back post and it was disallowed. 

“It got ruled out when there’s no way in a million years that it was ever a foul. 

“It was the classic decision you expected from a ‘homer’ referee. It would have put us ahead but we ended up losing 2-1. 

“It was ridiculous and made me think we’d never get a result there.”

Jimenez was denied two goals by VAR, the first for handball and then when Patrick Cutrone was shown to be offside, albeit marginally so.

“I know some want to have a buffer zone or some kind of benefit of the doubt to the attacker but it’s fair for everybody,” continued Le Tissier.

“Everyone is dealt the same hand.

“So whether they go for or against you, you can’t say it’s unfair. And that for me is the most important bit. 

“Others might want a margin for error from when the ball leaves the foot to when the player moves blah blah blah but no-one can complain as it is.”

Having said all that, Le Tissier believes there is room for improvement.

“The overturning of subjective decisions can be improved,” he said.

“There have been far too many decision that could be overturned that haven’t been. 

“The bar has been set way too high and Mike Riley has to take the blame for that side of things as he’s in charge of those [video assistant] referees. 

“I know it’s early days but it does look like there’s a case of ‘I’m not going to overturn my mate’ or ‘I’m not going to overturn the more experienced referee on the pitch as that might go against me’. 

“VAR shouldn’t be the same group of referees all looking out for each other. VARs should be referees who have recently retired.

"It might also be beneficial to them if they had an ex-footballer available to give a slightly different perspective.”