Even though only about a quarter of the Premier League has taken place so far there is already a fixture problem for certain clubs.

They are of course what we might deem to be the biggest sides and because of their success they are involved in European football.

This is very important to those clubs obviously because of the extra income it generates but from a football point of view hoping to win against the best clubs is also vital.

In Europe last year we had two English clubs in the Champions League final in Liverpool and Tottenham and both are again hoping to get there this season.

While Tottenham and their neighbours Arsenal have not had the best Premier League starts they are not doing too bad in Europe whereas Liverpool are on a long winning run, both in the Premier League and the League Cup.

Liverpool’s success has brought up an interesting situation which I have never seen before where they are due to play a League Cup game at home against Aston Villa on the Tuesday night.

The following night they are meant to play in the Club World Cup semi-final, which is not just up the road but in Qatar.

I can understand their supporters would feel that this doesn’t look right.

I can understand Mr Klopp’s frustration when he was told that the dates would not be changed.

The Club World Cup game might well have been in the calendar for a very long time but surely the League Cup game could have bene changed to help one of our own clubs bring more success to our game.

I suppose on the other side they could use some of the points I have made in recent years that clubs now have such big squads and as I have often said particularly the foreign coaches who have come into our game see an opportunity to use some of their squad players who are not getting regular league game in cup ties.

If the situation doesn’t change in the next week or so I am sure that is certainly what will happen with Liverpool.

But knowing the sort of manager he is, Jurgen Klopp will be even more determined to win and that is why he is so popular with the passionate crowd on the terraces at Anfield.

  • Last Saturday I attended what was called a learning disability open day organised by Southampton City Council.

I was there in my role as President of Special Olympics GB and was asked to say a few words to the many people who turned up and were given the opportunity to interact with others from around the area who get involved in helping out.

Many were carers who were able to meet others in a similar situation.

There were about 25 different local adult health and care providers available there.

It was good to see amongst these two representatives smartly turned out in their tracksuits from the Saints Foundation.

They do so much good work around the area and as I was leaving they arrived carrying bags of footballs to interact with the many athletes who were there.

I must say the venue at the Oasis Academy in Lordshill is very impressive and it was good to see so many athletes because this is the sort of thing that Special Olympics does. It brings families together and gives their children an opportunity to join in sport.

I remember one young man in particular dressed in his Saints shirt who not only finds it difficult to walk but also to speak.

His name is Mark and the words I could make out from him were ‘Kevin Keegan’, which he repeated time and again. I’m hoping to surprise him with a signed picture at some stage and I know for a fact Kevin will be pleased to help out.