NICKY Banger believes Saints need to go back to basics and learn how to win ugly.

Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side have won just two games in the Premier League this season which has left them languishing in the bottom three.

However, Banger is adamant that if they change their mentality, then they will pull themselves out of trouble.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, the former striker said: “The only way you fix these things is on the training ground and by having a change of mindset.

“Saints must work very hard as a team and start keeping clean sheets.

“This will build the foundations to get results and build confidence. You don’t have to win a match in the first 10 minutes, but you can certainly lose it.

“While emotions run high during the match, decision making is very important at key stages of the game - especially before half time and full time.

“Saints must learn to kill games off even if it means playing ugly.

“We have a great captain, but he is still young and needs help from senior players to point a few fingers when players are not sticking to their task.

“Saints need to focus on being very tight and organised both defensively and offensively.

“I don’t think winning ugly is a bad thing – Saints just need to win, and people need to be brave.

 “Brave doesn’t mean you go around kicking people, it means that you want the ball all the time knowing that you will make mistakes.

“We have 11 men and they have 11 men, it’s about who wants it more.

“It’s still in Saints’ hands. They are in a position where they are able to look above them and see that the other teams haven’t pulled away.”

Saints have a crucial run of games coming up against the teams near them in the table.

Following Saturday’s trip to Arsenal, Hasenhuttl’s team will host Watford and Norwich, before playing away against Newcastle, West Ham and Aston Villa.

A worrying theme of Saints’ recent performances has been conceding bucketloads of goals, shipping 21 in their opening six home ties.

Saturday’s match away to Arsenal will require Hasenhuttl’s side to put in a similar defensive display that saw them almost prevent Manchester City from scoring at the Etihad Stadium.

“I remember on the training pitch when we were due to play Arsenal away, we worked all week on being overloaded in defence, learning to be resolute as a squad,” added Banger.

“We knew we could not compete from a passing game, but we knew if we got amongst them and unsettled them we had a chance.

“They need to go back to basics, keep things simple, learn how to be difficult to beat and not worry too much about playing sexy football in dangerous areas of the pitch.”

Although Banger isn’t doubting the team’s commitment, he would like to see them hunt as a pack when trying to win the ball back.

He added: “I feel the team is putting in huge amounts of effort every match, there are no qualms there.

“However, from watching in the stands, individuals are closing down in ones and twos, where I feel we should be doing this collectively.

“There are such small margins in the Premier League, where set pieces for and against are so important.

“Staying focused for 96 to 98 minutes is normal now and players must take responsibility for that.

“I feel as a squad, there is fantastic talent and that everyone must stick together.”