Ralph Hasenhuttl is hoping that he can achieve a settled team at last.

The Saints boss has shuffled his pack time and again in recent weeks with players unavailable through injury and suspension and in a bid to find a winning formula.

He finally has a full squad to choose from and is hoping to get a win and then stick with a victorious side.

“Absolutely,” he insisted. “The goal we have now is to find a team, a squad, an 11 that wins a game and stays like this.

“Every time we have had such a moment and after the last game we had three injuries after the cup competition.

“This is something that is not perfect and we are still not having the first 11 we know and it’s now November.

“It’s time to find a squad we can trust and we can work with.”

Hasenhuttl spoke after the Everton game of trying to find a blend between attack and defence and added: “It’s a fact that our channel behaviour after losing the ball is not always the best and the less confidence you have the more you get disappointed when you lose a ball.

“The normal reaction should be to not think about the mistakes and immediately try to hunt and get the ball back. When you think about mistakes then this moment is gone and there is no chance for a counter press or something like that.

“Football is a game of mistakes and even if you have one don’t stop working or trying to win the ball back immediately because you have no time to switch off in the Premier League.

“This trigger of us is a little bit gone and we must find it back.

“This was the topic for the last two weeks was to find this trigger back and to stay on at any moment.”