ORIOL Romeu is waiting to find a suitable project before becoming the latest footballer to donate a portion of their salary to charity.

Earlier this season, Saints veteran Maya Yoshida pledged one per cent of his yearly income to the club’s foundation.

And Romeu, who has a close friendship with Manchester United star Juan Mata, is considering joining the Spaniard’s Common Goal initiative.

“I’m looking at that and different options,” revealed the Saints midfielder.

“Before the summer, I was about to move in, but we didn’t find a project because there are so many different options.

“I want it to be something that I can go and see.

“For example, if you have an organisation in Africa you can travel there and see what you have provoked with your donation.

“But I haven’t found something yet, I want to find the best one. I want to do these things. I like to be able to help from my position.”

Common Goal was launched back in 2017, with the help of Mata, to encourage footballers to donate at least one per cent of their annual salary to charity.

Premier League players such as Charlie Daniels and Kasper Schmeichel have signed up, as well as Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, who took the opportunity to join during a speech at a recent awards event.

Romeu admitted to having discussions with Mata about what charitable projects would be available if he were to come on board.

“We talk often, and we have the same company that is looking after our social media,” added the ex-Chelsea man.

“We have friends in common, we talk and analyse what we can do with projects.”

Romeu is all too aware just how much he can help those less fortunate than he is but feels money isn’t always the answer.

He believes you can’t put a value on having a conversation with someone and passing on how you’ve dealt with certain situations in the past.

Romeu added: “I think it’s crucial to help, but not just with money.

“Money comes and goes but actions, gestures, sharing your experiences and talking about things you’ve had through your football career is important.

“I appreciate how much impact we can have on other people.”