IT was disappointing to hear Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola call for the banning of FA Cup replays.

Some time ago I criticised some of the big-name Premiership managers who have large squads filled with internationals bought for many more millions than the smaller clubs.

I could understand that they used cup ties, particularly in the League Cup, to give some of their squad players games.

However, both Messrs Klopp and Guardiola, who are probably managers of the two biggest clubs at the moment, both more or less said we should either do away with FA Cup replays and let the smaller clubs have the choice of playing a game against a big club on their home ground.

It took me back to one of my first games as manager of Doncaster Rovers, a fourth division club at the time, many years ago.

Our second game was a home FA Cup tie against Crewe which we won, putting us in the hat the following Monday with the big boys.

The draw was on the radio and the players and staff and I gathered round in one of the dressing rooms to listen to it.

At first we thought they’d forgotten to put us in.

We were the last out of the hat – away to Liverpool. I can still see the players dancing around and singing their heads off.

None of them had ever dreamt they would ever be playing at Anfield.

I also remember the chairman calling a special board meeting because I’d told him I wanted to take the team up on the Friday night to stay in a hotel.

This to them was unbelievable thinking as they could save money by travelling on the Saturday morning.

However, I won that battle and no-one could believe 12,000 supporters travelled over from Doncaster.

That’s what it meant to everyone, not just the players.

I well remember looking out of the bus when we arrived and saw Mr Bill Shankly standing with his Saturday outfit on, a smart suit with a red-shirt- and-tie combination, as he welcomed each player as they walked by.

I heard afterwards that he was making comments like ‘hello son, have you got over your injury?’, etc.

We put on a good show but lost 2-0. But they were lifted by the occasion but carried on to win the fourth division title that season.

The next highlight for me was being told by Mr Shankly to go to his boot room afterwards.

I went in to be surrounded by not just him, but his staff Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan and Roy Evans, who all eventually managed the famous club.

I think this would still be the same if any team in our fourth division were to draw Liverpool or Man City away.

The occasion would be one to cherish and the money which the lower club would make means it’s wrong of the big-name managers to ignore this.

IT’s often occurred to me that teams should try more shots from outside the box, particularly with the sort of ball used these days.

Unlike the old-fashioned leather variety, they swing and swerve much more, making it more difficult for the goalkeepers.

More often than not, the goal of the month or season is from long distance.

So it was good to see Southampton get back on their fantastic run with two great goals, one from Nathan Redmond from the 18-yard line and the second three or four yards further back from Stuart Armstrong.

Compared to the old days, no clubs seem to put a defender on one or both of the posts.

I would like to have a chat with a modern goalkeeper to ask if it’s their decision.

Look how many goals go in the corners, whereas in the old days a defender would be there and get there to head to it.

The game is certainly different with pitches in the Premiership looking more like bowling greens and goalkeepers and back four players passing the ball more.

Having said that, one of the best goals last week was when the Liverpool goalkeeper kicked it over everyone into the opposition’s half for Mo Salah to out-run the opposition defence to score for Liverpool against Manchester United.

AN FA Cup matchday is always special and Messrs Klopp and Guardiola should realise how important it is.

All clubs should aim to get to Wembley.

Some of our supporters still remember the trips there for FA and League Cup finals and whilst the big clubs may visit the best grounds in Europe during their season it should be remembered how special these occasions are for most of the other clubs in the 92.