SAINTS remain in support of Project Restart despite other clubs voicing their concerns.

The Premier League's proposal would see football return behind closed doors in June, as long as the Government give it the green light to do so.

A key element of Project Restart is that it would mean clubs would have to play their remaining fixtures at a neutral venue.

It's believed there would be eight to 10 different grounds but this is proving to be a sticking point for some teams.

Brighton chief executive Paul Barber went as far as saying that the Premier League faces a 'full-scale revolt' over the plans.

Aston Villa also expressed their concerns over the proposals.

Monday's meeting, which will follow Prime Minister Boris Johnson's address to the nation on Sunday, will see top-flight teams discuss a return to training and contract issues.

These topics won't need voting on - but playing at neutral venues will need to secure a 14-vote majority later down the line.

The Daily Echo is led to believe that Saints have always wanted to finish the current campaign and with playing games at home rule out, they are open to competing at neutral venues.

But the only way this will happen is if it's deemed safe and appropriate to do so.

As with other clubs, Saints don't want to drain public resources at such a crucial time during a pandemic.

Premier League sides are keen to avoid having the season curtailed as that could lead to them having to return a collective £762million to broadcasters.

Saints, for example, would be looking at a figure north of £35million which would have to be paid back to the likes of Sky and BT if they come calling for it.

Project Restart was given a boost by the UK Government at Tuesday’s coronavirus press conference.

Dominic Raab, the Prime Minister's No.2, said football’s return would ‘lift the spirits of the nation’.

The proposals have faced criticism due to the current situation the country finds itself in with over 30,000 confirmed deaths from the virus.

But asked whether the Premier League was being realistic, Mr Raab gave a positive response.

“I think it would lift the spirits of the nation”, said the Foreign Secretary.

“I think people would like to see us get back not just to work and get to a stage where children can safely return to school but also enjoy pastimes, sporting in particular.”

The Premier League are targeting a return to training in small groups from May 18, although this will depend on what Mr Johnson says on Sunday.