RALPH Hasenhuttl described Saints’ community workout throughout the coronavirus crisis as “absolutely outrageous”.

Saints Foundation, the club’s charitable arm, pledged 12,000 free meals to the city’s most vulnerable citizens.

They also revealed that 1,000 free matchday tickets will available to NHS workers and their families once football resumes.

Saints became the first Premier League club to agree to wage deferrals for their players, management and board members.

“It’s an absolutely outrageous job they [Saints Foundation] are doing,” Hasenhuttl told the Daily Echo.

“I think with the deferrals that we wanted to show something. We really care about this club and we really care about this city.

“I was very proud of the way Martin forced this and that every player accepted it immediately.

“It’s not about being the first team in the Premier League to do it. It’s something that just felt right.

“And if it’s something that feels right, you have to do it as quickly as possible.

“We wanted to send this message to everybody.

“And as long as we are that family club we are always speaking about, we have to send a signal and I am very proud of that.

“This gives us a strong signal for everyone in Southampton.”

Hasenhuttl is a firm believer in people sticking together when times get tough - as they have gotten in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Saints manager is currently spending lockdown in Munich, Germany, with his family after initially remaining in Southampton.

Although he agreed to defer a percentage of his wage until the end of June, it was chief executive Martin Semmens who drove the situation, along with managing director Toby Steele.

And Hasenhuttl singled out the duo for the ‘fantastic’ work they have been doing behind the scenes.

He added: “I think we have been very committed and we will be even more committed in the future.

“Martin and Toby have been doing a fantastic job and the information for all the staff and players was fantastic.

“In difficult moments and situations, you can show how committed you are and I think it was a very good signal for everybody.

“I am very proud to be part of this club.”