RALPH Hasenhuttl believes Saints have a chance to hit reset on their wretched St Mary’s form.

The south coast side are bottom of this season’s home form table with just four wins from 15 matches.

But ahead of tonight’s game against Arsenal, Hasenhuttl reckons they have the opportunity to start afresh at St Mary’s, admitting it can’t get any worse.

"Yeah, it could be [a chance to hit reset],” the Austrian said.

“It could be a chance for reset and it can't get more worse, I think, so it was not really a fantastic season from our side.

"If you are successful enough, it looks like you can only play without our fans at home.

"But I think it's absolutely necessary to show that we can win more games at home, with our crowd or not.

"So, our fans know that we do everything for them to make them happy.

"If they are not in our stadium, I think they will enjoy, hopefully, watching us from home, supporting us from home and they should know that we would really like to see them back."

Saints all but secured their Premier League status for another season following last Friday’s 3-0 win away to Norwich.

Hasenhuttl, though, made it clear that the pressure is still on and is backing his players to continue winning matches.

“Sometimes pressure is good because it sharpens you and you are more concentrated,” he added. “Sometimes it blocks you because you don't play as simply as you want to play.

“I think it is a good balance. We all have pressure. And I think if you are safe, you want to win games. Nobody wants to lose.

“This is the reason why you go into every game to win. So, you do everything to win and if you have pressure or not, it doesn't make any difference I think.

“The key is that you have got the feeling that you are competitive and if you are, that you step into the game with 100 per cent conviction that you can win this game.

“Then it is not so interesting if you have more pressure or less pressure – I think the players get used to it and that is the reason they are Premier League players.

“They have shown they are able to handle this pressure, and this is the reason why they are Premier League players and that is why they deserve to sit in my dressing room.”