RALPH Hasenhuttl hailed the 'amazing job' Jurgen Klopp's done at Liverpool - and believes others should follow his way of working.

The Anfield side's boss guided them to their first top-flight title in 30 years with seven games remaining.

And Hasenhuttl, who is nicknamed the 'Alpine Klopp', believes the German deserves all the credit he's receiving.

“Congratulations to the amazing job they did there," Hasenhuttl said.

“It wasn’t really so surprising for me that it will happen this season because it was clear for a long time that they will be the champion this season.

“They have shown the most consistency.

“What was surprising for me yesterday was only the emotion I saw from Jurgen which makes him so special.

“I think if somebody became the champion on the sofa, I think he will not be that emotional like he is. Maybe you can see how much effort he puts in this club and in this team.

“This is maybe the reason in such a moment why he is celebrating so much.

“Big congratulations from my side, he did an amazing job. 

“What he did the last four years there is amazing. It’s kind of a role model to every other club what you can do if you develop and if you work on your weaknesses and try to get better every year.

“It was a logical step to become the champion now."