LAST week it was celebrations galore.

Mainly in Liverpool, of course, which we have to accept that winning the Premier League title with seven games remaining was excellent.

But they are now aiming for over 100 points and the comparisons are being made between Klopp’s Liverpool side and the great Anfield teams of the past which were led by Bill Shankly.

From my connections over the years, Mr Klopp is probably as near to Sir Bill’s type of character as any of the legends that have been there since.

There is no way I can see Liverpool taking their foot off the pedal - and I also think we can say the same about Mr Hasenhuttl’s team.

Ralph’s achieved his target, a lot lower of course, but getting to 40 points always guarantees safety and he’s achieved that with six games to go.

But, because of his nature, he will be wanting to win every game we have left.

When looking ahead to the remaining nine games a few weeks ago, I said that the first three weren’t as simple on paper because two of the teams were battling relegation and Arsenal are never easy.

We handled the relegation two with ease, getting six points, which has now put us in a safe position.

Having said that, the next three matches are against some of the biggest teams around; Everton and the two Manchester teams.

Everton haven’t had the best of seasons and they should really be up there alongside Liverpool like they were in the old days.

But both Manchester sides are in the top-six and closing in on Europe, although City are still waiting to hear whether they’ll be able to play in the Champions League.

Even though the league has been won, there is still a lot to be decided.

Whether that’s to get to into Europe, to stay in the league or, in Southampton’s case, to finish as high as possible.

I’m sure the manager will be drumming that into his players as well as taking the opportunity to see who he should be trying to keep or move on to prepare for next season, bearing in mind he’s with us for the next four years.


AWAY from football - but still with a small connection - I noticed two articles, as like most people I’m reading more than usual.

Amongst the financial news, Nike, the American sportswear company, like most businesses have been having problems which led to stores being closed and sales tumbling by over a third in the last three months.

But the interesting thing to me was that the company has reportedly paid Cristiano Ronaldo, wait for it, a staggering £147million to represent the brand!

It shows the sort of changes that have taken place since the old days.

It also made me realise, thinking of Liverpool Football Club again, that they had spent £66million on Allison, their goalkeeper.

But they won the Premier League, so I guess they’d argue it’s money well spent!


I MENTIONED recently about how my players at The Dell would often have a little stroll to Bedford Place.

They would often have refreshments before coming back to training or even go shopping as there was plenty on offer at the time.

But the one thing that stood out to me, especially after reading an article about them recently, was a shoe shop called W.J. French & Son.

It was one of the first shops you’d see after leaving The Dell.

The company was formed well over 200 years ago and, apart from popping in most Januarys to take advantage of their post-Christmas sale, I always enjoyed the atmosphere inside, especially as they’ve been a family-owned business since they opened their doors to the public.

They specialised in many things, including getting children ready for school, but I remember how they helped me out when we had a young player who was having his leg pulled a bit because he used to have odd boots.

It was then discovered that he had one foot longer than the other!

I had a chat with the French family and they took my player in and sorted him out with a pair of boots.

Good luck to them and I hope they can carry on for another few hundred years.