RALPH Hasenhuttl has showered Saints duo Alex McCarthy and Jack Stephens with praise.

The pair were brilliant during the win against Man City and Hasenhuttl highlighted their ability to heed his advice in the build-up to Thursday’s tie away to Everton.

"I think both players showed in this season some fantastic games, but also some inconsistent ones,” Saints’ boss said.

"I'm very hard, demanding on developing of both because I know they both have immense potential for reaching the highest level.

"Especially Jack, we had in the pre-season some important meetings where I wanted to show him what I expect from him.

"I think he needs this. He needs to feel trust, but he also needs sometimes a little bit of a kick to reach the highest level. I think this is important.

"We have with Alex a goalkeeper that has a lot of qualities and we are in the moment developing especially his game with the ball.

"When you see, for example, Ederson from Man City in the last game, he is maybe the best footballing goalkeeper in the league.

"This is a target he must set, he must also develop his game.

"I know he went through a different development as a goalkeeper because in a year's time the goalkeeper training looks completely different than today.

"But if you are open-minded and if you stay open-minded and want to learn new things, then you can also develop again with the ball.

"We're at the moment doing a lot of work with him in this part of his game and it shows that it doesn't mean you make fewer saves on the line."