RALPH Hasenhuttl has called his first managerial meeting with Carlo Ancelotti the “most intense game” he’s ever been involved in.

His Leipzig side were 4-2 up until the 84th minute but were undone by a trio of late goals, eventually losing 5-4 to Ancelotti’s Bayern Munich in May 2017.

And ahead of Saints’ trip to Goodison Park this evening, Hasenhuttl’s been reflecting on their nine-goal thriller.

“I really remember this game because it was the most intense game I’ve ever played as a manager and was maybe one of the best even though we lost this game in the end,” he said.

“Everybody went out of the stadium. I remember it was the last home game of the season. 

“We were safe in position two. We put the tactics away and showed everybody we could do, especially in offensive transition.

“We were 4-2 up with 15 minutes to go and lost 5-4. 

“But I wasn’t really sad about that because it was so intense and everyone who was in the stadium was proud to be there. They will never forget this game and me too.

“It was so intense that I needed two or three days to take a rest after this game! It was unbelievable.”

Hasenhuttl’s made no secret of the fact he enjoys going up against the Premier League’s best managers.

He believes it’s a unique trait of the Premier League that one week you’re putting your wits against Pep Guardiola before entering a battle with Ancelotti a few days later.

“This is definitely something that you really enjoy as a manager in the Premier League. Every week you have a big challenge,” he added.

“It is quite interesting to analyse the opponents, it is quite interesting to find a game plan against the next, if you want, Champions League winner or who has won everything.

“It is absolutely what makes the Premier League so special.

“I think in no other league in the world you have this, and it makes the job so interesting. It is definitely one of the most interesting things in our job at the moment.”

Everton will be keen to bounce back from Monday’s defeat to Tottenham and Hasenhuttl is well aware that his team are in for a battle at Goodison Park.

With his managerial counterpart being Italian, Saints’ manager reckons the Toffees will be a tricky side to break down.

Because of this, Hasenhuttl knows his attackers will have to be at their best to make it a worthwhile trip to Merseyside.

He added: “I think the team is always very well organised – he is an Italian coach, so the defensive work is always at the centre of his intention.

“But also, the game with the ball is structured and brave and they really try to build up and they have some good footballers in the side.”