I THINK I’ve said before that I don’t watch the whole 90 minutes of all the games being screened right now but I have to say that I couldn’t take my eyes off Southampton’s performance against Manchester City.

Getting three points off a team like them is a great reward and I think the way Ralph had the team playing explained the word ‘team’.

Every one of them, when City had the ball, worked their socks off to close them down.

Normally when teams know the opposition are far superior in quality, they would close down by dropping back and defending.

What we did differently was push forward and defend from the front, led by Danny Ings and Che Adams.

Forwards, let’s be fair, don’t like to do that stuff. Their way is normally to let teammates give them the ball and they’ll score goals.

But the whole XI worked together and got the reward they deserved.

A friend of ours had a call from, would you believe, San Diego in America at half time saying how he and his friends were glued to the TV cheering Southampton on.

It also reminds us why there is so much money and so many visitors in the Premier League as the games are televised around the world.

Whilst talking about clubs like Manchester City, we have to remember there is also a battle at the bottom of the table.

Aston Villa, who would traditionally be in the middle-eight, are in the relegation zone, along with Bournemouth and Norwich.

But with only four games left it will also be interesting to see if Brighton, for instance, can keep picking up the points.

Bournemouth have the hardest job to avoid the drop and Southampton will play them later this month.

This is always a big game, but it will be more important to Bournemouth than ever.

Let’s have a reminder on who could be taking the relegated sides’ places for next season.

Leeds United had a convincing 5-0 win over Stoke City, taking them top, and it looks as though they will be joined by West Brom in the race for automatic promotion.

However, the interesting part at the top are the two London clubs in the play-off places

Fulham already have had a taste of the Premier League, but Brentford are a smaller side and for them to get promoted would be fantastic for their supporters.

The other club on the edge of the play-offs will be Nottingham Forest, although it doesn’t look as though they’ll make it.

My old pal, Brian Clough, would be squirming because it looks like both Derby and Forest will miss out on promotion.

The next week or two will be interesting and it’s a pity the Prime Minister hasn’t opened football grounds for fans but I’m sure there will be plenty of families getting together, both here and all around the world, hoping their team gets promoted.

They will no doubt be dancing around in four games’ time if their side makes it into the Premier League


ONE of the games played this week that interested me was when Wigan had a 1-0 win against QPR.

It made me think that they were safe but then I remembered they are facing a 12-point deduction at the end of the season after entering administration.

Being docked 12 points will more than likely relegate them which would be a cruel blow as they managed to climb away from the drop zone.

I don’t know what’s going on, but I saw something on TV where supporters voiced their frustration about how their owners have mishandled the club.

I was also interested to see a gentleman called Dave Whelan mentioned.

He and his sons owned the club for many years and he was famous in his own right, having broken his leg in a cup final.

He’s a very successful businessman and even has a statue outside the ground.

Supporters are begging him to come back and save the day and it would be a real shame if a team who battled their way to safety were penalised due to being mishandled by its owners.