OUTRUNNING the opponent is key to Saints' recent run of results, according to Ralph Hasenhuttl.

The St Mary's chief explained that the only match where they failed to cover more distance than their opposition since Project Restart was in their defeat to Arsenal.

“We always try to outrun our opponents in every game because for us that gives us a better chance of winning games, not a guarantee but a better chance," Hasenhuttl said.

“We talk a lot about negative and positive sprints, the more positive sprints you make in one direction and press early, the less you have to sprint back to your goal.

“When you sprint positive, it is easier and is a positive feeling

“The players came back from the lockdown in good shape because they knew if they wanted to play and had a chance of playing, they must be in peak condition. They worked hard (in lockdown) and then we had three weeks to prepare for the games.

“We had one game when we did not run more than our opponents and that was Arsenal and look at the result.”