SAINTS chief executive Martin Semmens insists the club "will find a solution" for fans who bought this season's kit with an LD Sports logo.

Saints announced yesterday they have ended their relationship with LD Sports with immediate effect, instead welcoming as their new main shirt sponsor for the Premier League campaign, which begins on September 12.

The club have paused the sale of the club's three new kits, but there are already many Saints fans who have purchased a shirt which is now out of date before the 2020-21 season has started.

In a statement, Saints asked supporters for "patience and understanding" regarding the "complex situation".

And speaking to BBC Radio Solent, Semmens moved to clarify what could be done regarding the out-of-date kits.

"We’ve had to move incredibly quickly," said the CEO.

"When it comes down to it we either take a lot of time to find the right solution and then tell everybody or we’re just up front and we say this has happened and move forward.

"I think our hand has been led slightly by having to be ready for September 12, so the most important thing, job number one for us was to make sure we had a viable and brilliant sponsor for next year that would provide the funds we needed.

"When it comes down to it, if we don’t have those funds there’s no Kyle Walker-Peters or no new signing so we had to do that."

He continued: "But then straight after that we have to now make sure our fans can wear the shirt with the right logo on coming into the games and supporting the team when they can. So we had to get that right.

"But the reality is, as we stand today, we don’t quite know the right solution and how we’re going to address that because there are a certain thousand people out there with a shirt with the wrong logo on right now.

"We will find a solution to it, whether it’s replacing it or putting a new logo over the top, but we need a few more days to work that one through.

"I would think before we start the season we will at least be able to tell people what that solution is and maybe in about five or 10 days time we can provide that solution."

Some fans have raised concerns over Saints opting to use a betting company as their new main sponsor, something the club have steered away from in recent years with Virgin Media the club's leading partner before LD Sports.

Asked if he sees that as an issue, Semmens said: "Around betting on the front of the shirt, yes we have in the past tried to move away from that.

"It’s not something that we always wanted to go down that route in the past but I think the world has changed a lot. The market is very different for everybody and in the end we had to take care of our business and the partners around us to make sure that we had the right partner going forward.

"In the time we had and the process we went through, we felt they were the best for what we need for this season."

He added: "We’re really confident in We have met them before, we’ve worked with them before and we have talked about doing something in the past and had a good relationship with them.

"They’re interesting, dynamic and innovative people. They think a little bit differently, as we try and do in our market and there’s always been a good relationship between the two.

"The truth is we have worked with them before. We’ve talked about doing it before and when we realised this situation was critical a few days ago we called them and asked them if they would step in and help us this season and they did, which I think shows how quick-moving and dynamic they are that they can turn it around in five days and get on the front of the shirts.

"So I think from that viewpoint we’re really confident they’re a viable and brilliant business. They’re really innovative and different people. We really look forward to working with them."