RALPH Hasenhuttl insists he has no problems with the packed festive fixture schedule, adding how complaining about it would send "the wrong signal".

Saints are set to play seven Premier League games in 27 days, starting with their trip to Brighton & Hove Albion on Monday.

The busiest top-flight teams in that same period are set to be Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City who will each play eight times due to European and Carabao Cup fixtures as well as their league games.

But Hasenhuttl insists he has no concerns about the upcoming schedule.

"I was never moaning about any fixtures," said the Saints boss.

"We have it different as we are out of the League Cup and have no international (European) games, so for us it is easier than for the top six sides maybe.

"Also last season, the tough time with the fixtures following very quickly, was the most successful for us.

"We are a fit team, we need automatism, the more we have, we hopefully do not struggle with playing a lot of games.

"We have a good balanced squad, not too big, not too small. When we have some injury problems like we do now with (Danny) Ings and (Nathan) Redmond, we still are able to perform well.

"For me, with the fixtures, I think we are happy."

Hasenhuttl added: "What I sometimes do not understand is 48 hours between two games, this is definitely something tough for the players.

"We had it last season also and still performed well, but it is not the best for the quality of the game, because the players cannot push like they normally want to.

"We don't have this over Christmas, we have always two days between the two games, so this is okay for me, absolutely.

"We take it as it is, never moaning about, I think it is the wrong signal to do it."

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has been the most outspoken Premier League manager in recent weeks regarding the congested schedule, taking aim at broadcasters for making his side play in the early Saturday kick-off, having had a midweek Champions League game.

"I cannot speak about Jurgen because he has definitely got a different schedule than I have," said Hasenhuttl.

"I was one-time in the same situation when I was coach at Leipzig and I could feel that it was really very tough.

"I got the experience that as soon as you start to talk about it in front of your team, then you give them something like an alibi, that maybe your ones (players) are tired.

"I did not have the feeling that his (Klopp's) teams are ever tired, they are always energetic.

"But I understand him completely because the schedule they have is massive and with having no break over the summer."

The Saints boss added: "If you are here at the top of the mountain, the wind is the strongest, then you have to face it.

"We are a little bit further down (the mountain) so it is a little bit nicer to live there, but maybe you get more often the rain.

"It is how it is, take it."