AS a manager, I know how difficult it is when your team is struggling and you have lost the support of the crowd.

When the players all go home, the manager has to wait until the next game so he can get results going right.

The last thing he needs now is this social media carry on. We have already heard about the racist problems going on in the game.

But I recently read that Newcastle manager Steve Bruce had spoken about how he had dealt with death threats aimed at him from people online.

For people like Steve Bruce to now be receiving these death threats is absolutely disgraceful. Hopefully, people that send these threats can be dealt with.

In fact, the whole system should be changed.

It’s very much like, in a more minor way, people like myself will get criticism – even after doing the column.

I can understand and I don’t mind but now and again it gets a bit personal. But of course – they all hide behind fictitious names.

You can understand people not always agreeing but why do they hide behind these fictitious names? Come out with your name.

But to have death threats is completely different. For people like Steve Bruce, it is much more serious.

Like most people, I have watched more teams recently because of the increase in TV coverage.

As ever, I still can’t understand how some teams defending at corners do not put at least one defender on the post to help the goalkeeper.

Count the number of goals that go in with headers from corners, that end up into the corner of the net when the goalkeeper cannot reach them

Whereas in the old days, there would normally be a full-back or a defender standing on each post who could have cleared it.

I got a call recently off a gentleman called Ben Stanfield, who told me he was one of a group of gentlemen who do a podcast.

I immediately thought it was something do to with peas!

But then he told me it was the Total Saints Podcast.

Ben and his pals are passionate Saints supporters. They all have separate jobs but get together to put this podcast out and it is now getting on to being four years old.

The podcast I was involved in was the 150th episode they had put out.

What amazed me was that they have already had over 250,000 global listeners - from Australia to Alaska, Japan to Brazil. I just hope they all understand Geordie!

After I had done my interview with them, which was mainly asking me about 1976, my time at Saints and my career in general, I now know how to click in.

Anyone else wanting to listen to the podcast can go to @TotalSaintsPod on Twitter or visit