Saints are looking to appoint a chairman with City contacts to help front their search for new investment with top lawyer and former BBC vice-chairman Anthony Salz a leading contender.

Despite the change at the top of the club with the departures of the chairman, chief executive and commercial director earlier this week, finding a long-term solution to the financial problems remains a priority.

So far only one offer has been brought to the table. That was the SISU bid which met with a negative response from the club's major shareholders and ultimately led to this week's changes.

With the PLC board down to just five members - Leon Crouch, Patrick Trant, Lee Hoos, David Jones and Keith Wiseman - new members are likely to be appointed.

Former chairman Michael Wilde could be invited back while a new managing director could also be appointed in what would be a salaried position, still saving Saints money in terms of wages paid to Jim Hone, Ken Dulieu and Andy Oldknow.