RALPH Hasenhuttl has thrown his full support behind this weekend's social media blackout, insisting: "It is absolutely time to do something."

Saints, along with various football and sporting governing bodies, are coming together to boycott social media from Friday at 3pm until 11.59pm on Monday in a bid to fight discrimination and abuse posted online.

Hasenhuttl, who has openly described how he is not a fan of social media platforms in the past, said: "It is absolutely time to do something. It is absolutely urgent that we see the danger of these social media platforms and it is a very good decision from the Premier League that sends a statement and a signal that we have to change something.

"We had a discussion today and we, the older generation, know this world is a parallel world to the real world.

"Younger people struggle more to see that it is only social media. We must set some boundaries to find more worth to look at it.

"At the moment, it is not good for anybody in the end."