I HAVE not had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Bertrand but read this week that his contract is up and the decision had been made for him to leave Saints.

First of all, thank you for the seven years, 240 games, and the top-class effort and ability you have shown.

But the puzzle I have is did he really want to move on at 31? Was he offered a contract by the club? If so, when? Was he disappointed by an offer?

But I am sure judging by his comments that he really enjoyed his time here. He has not criticised the club at all.

It could be that having probably sat with his agent – which of course almost all the top players have now – you’d think this would no doubt be his last move at the top level.

I’m sure there will be clubs queueing up and, bearing in mind he will be a free transfer, his pension will undoubtedly be topped up because whoever he signs for will not be paying a transfer fee. His contract will probably be the best he’s had.

So, thank you for your time here Ryan and good luck for the future.

Looking at the league tables, bearing in mind the other three divisions have finished now, I always look at how clubs I have been closely connected with over the years have finished.

Sadly, Sheffield Wednesday and Grimsby were both relegated. Grimsby out of the top leagues all together and will likely be popping up at places like Eastleigh next season.

Doncaster are still pedalling along in a safe place, whereas Sunderland, who I have never thought along with Portsmouth should be as low down in the leagues as they have been the past years – could well still be promoted via the play-offs and good luck to them.

They are a really big club with passionate supporters, who will not be happy until they are in the same division as their nasty neighbours Newcastle.

There were sighs of relief this week when Saints were able to plan to still be in the Premier League next season but, hopefully, we can carry on with the sort of performance we had against Leicester in the last three games, with enough points to get us up near the top half of the league.

The final home game of the season against Leeds will, for the first time in a while, have real noise from the terraces, as opposed to crowd records being played on TV.

Around 8,000 supporters will be allowed in – all home supporters only - so I’m sure that will give us a big lift.

Leeds have always had a special place in my memory. As I’ve said before, Jack Charlton, who is sadly no longer with us, was a close friend.

In my days at Sheffield, I often used to pop over to Leeds to see the likes of him, Norman Hunter, Billy Bremner, Johnny Giles and many more famous international players – under one of the best managers ever in Don Revie.

They were the hardest team – literally – to play against. Some of the tackling made everybody in the ground blink. If you look at their record, they were one of the top teams in the whole of Europe.

At present, Leeds are 10th in the Premier League. They have had their up and downs but I am sure the manager and board will be pleased if they finish in mid-table.

At least it’s a game at St Mary’s which each club can perform in without too much concern – but players should be reminded that the supporters, who are paying to watch, will expect 100 per cent effort.