BOSS Marieanne Spacey-Cale described as “the next exciting step” seeing Saints’ women seal promotion to Women's National League Southern Premier.

Saints were top of Women’s National League Division One South West for the past two seasons before the coronavirus pandemic saw both league campaigns declared null and void.

But following the club’s application to move up a tier via the Upward Club Movement process, Spacey-Cale’s side will now compete at the third level of the women’s pyramid.

Commenting on her side’s promotion, Spacey-Cale said: “It’s a great feeling to know that the hard work and results that we’ve had over the last two seasons has come to fruition with the application being successful.

“It’s the next exciting step in our journey. Relief is an emotion because we’ve been waiting, but delighted we’ve got the promotion.

“We got information to say they were looking to allow applications for promotion and the whole club came together to create something which was fantastic.

“Seventy five percent of it is weighted towards on-pitch results and with that alone we were in a really strong position having not lost in two seasons.”

Saints also reached the last 16 of this season’s FA Cup.

Spacey-Cale added: “The more the women’s programme grows the support is there with us across the board, everybody we talk to is interested. That gives you that glow and that feeling of ‘we really belong here’.

“The promotion gives us a chance to challenge ourselves, but also payback some of the support we’ve had throughout the club.”

Promotion means Saints will feature against south coast rivals Portsmouth Ladies in league action next season.