I HAVE been following the debate over the closure or opening of Bedford Place.

The suggestion that the road be open during the business day seems sensible to help non food and drink business and the evening/night closure appears to satisfy the needs of the leisure sector.

There seems to be an issue over how to physically manage any such closure.

I have been a visitor to Spain for many years and the small town that we visit simply fences off the ‘Gran Via’ during weekend evenings in the summer months, enabling the bars and restaurants to fill the street with their tables, creating that wonderful atmosphere with families able to enjoy the ambience and the food and drink.

Surely it would not be beyond our wit to do the same in the hope that the drunken minority would not use the fence panels as oversized Tonka toys after an evening of refuelling. Or am I being over-optimistic?

One final thought. When we get 30,000 fans back in St Marys, Bedford Place northbound forms an essential part of the exit route from the city for many fans.

My experience has been that the northern half of the city gridlocks post match and continued non-availability of Bedford Place would seriously exacerbate this.

Ian Ritchie

Chandler’s Ford