It was an interesting Euros, which provided some amazing games and goals.

The fact that it happened at all (with a large crowd for the final) is largely due to the scientists who created the vaccines.

Obviously, it was a real shame that England got so far, only to lose in the cruellest of ways.

I’m not an obsessive football fan but I always get behind England in the World Cup and Euros.

I think what Southgate and the squad have done this time has been superb. And don’t forget, the World Cup in Qatar is next year.

Anyone can write nonsense on social media, it’s the way of the modern world.

But I feel we should take a step back and do a reality-check, if using social media. Sporting events stir-up emotions.

They bring people from all backgrounds together, transfixed on a common goal, which transcends all social divides.

That’s the positive reality of sport. But sportsmanship is a value not only for the football, cricket, running track etc. - it’s something I feel we should all try to use in our daily lives.

Let’s all pressure whomever is in Civic Centre and Local Government to keep providing good sports opportunities within Southampton and surrounding areas.

David Beesley