FOLLOWING Saints' reveal of details behind a £2.5million investment for planned improvements to St Mary’s Stadium, we wanted to hear exactly what the supporters thought. 

The club say the range of developments have been designed to help deliver a "first-class supporter experience", coinciding with the 20-year anniversary of the move to St Mary's.

Among the improvements will be new "jumbo-sized" big screens at each end of the ground that will be installed during the October international break.

They will add to a number of cosmetic and practical boosts the stadium will recieve, including a new menu with locally-sourced food and drink - and craft beers.

In our Southampton FC Daily Echo Facebook group, fans shared their thoughts on the development and what they'd like to see improved: 

Mark Williamson commented: 'All the seats need renewing or refreshing.'

Richard Sennatt requested: 'We need padded heated seating and warm air blown down from the roofs .. it's cold out there in winter months.' 

Darren Kitcher insisted: 'This along with the new halo lounge upgrades is great but I would rather money go into team investment maybe better training staff better scouting team so we can play better football on the pitch.' 

Richard Crooks simply instructed: 'Spend it on players'

Our Daily Echo readers left their opinions in the comments of the reveal article

Saint Retford said: 'Craft beers? YES LADS!' and Strasbourg Saint replied: 'That was my immediate thought, Ret. And locally sourced at that.'

zurichboy added: '2.5 million, that could buy us a top class striker. However the money will be better spent on the long suffering fans, they deserve it.' 

Frankie Bennett commented: People have been moaning about the state of the ground for years, including myself. Now the ground is to be updated, people are moaning that's money's being spent on it.
On another note, the moving of away fans is never going to happen, as good as it would be.

On Twitter, not all fans could agree on their thoughts: