CRAWLEY Town manager John Yems has warned Saints loanee Will Ferry that his spell won’t “all be good” but joked that he wants a “couple of grand when he signs his first pro contract.”

Ferry has been a regular for the Saints B team but is getting his first taste of senior football with Yems’ League Two side – where he has made ten appearances and scored once.

Asked about what he wants from the youngster, Yems quipped: “Couple of grand when he signs his first pro contract wouldn’t go amiss.”

He added: “No it’s just, having been there, it’s the difference, the difference is academy football. It’s took a lot for him to come down to this level and to prove it at this level, because some playing in academies the physicality alone they wouldn’t be able to handle.

“You’re not getting a report sent to you by 67 people telling you how to do your laces up, someone helping him comb his hair, and someone telling him reasons for growing a beard and things like that.

“It’s just being a man, on the football pitch, it’s as simple as that. You’ve got someone like Tony Craig who has played 650 games, Glenn Morris 500 league games, and then you go the other side of it, Tom Nichols who had gone for big money at Will’s age.

“It’s a learning curve, he will learn things here that he will never ever forget, good and bad, it isn’t all going to be good for him.

“Let’s not dress it up like he’s coming to spend four or five months at the Vatican, if he isn’t doing something right he will get told, and vice versa if we aren’t doing something right the fans will tell us. It’s the real world.”