RALPH Hasenhuttl has been a popular discussion point once again following the 2-2 draw with Burnley. 

Saints' fans were left disappointed that they weren't going home with all three points having lead the visitors in the second-half through Armando Broja. 

As always, team tactics and player selections are at the forefront of discussion. 

Here's what Saints supporters are saying...

Our Daily Echo readers said: 

UrSaint: "I have read here ever so often "I like Ralph but .." , "Ralph could be a good manager, but ...". Liking is no category in business. Could is not an appropriate term in business."

I.wozthere: "We've a decent group at the moment, but his selections constantly leave me mystified."

Daily Echo: Saints have picked up one win and five draws from their first nine Premier League matchesSaints have picked up one win and five draws from their first nine Premier League matches

Frankie Bennett: "Ralph didn't react to Dyche again yesterday when he nullified our threat down the right in the second half. Frustrating? Yes. End of the world? No."

canadasaint: "I actually agree with Ralph's selection of Walcott for starting 11, his runs create space for others to play in. The problem is he should be subbed 10 minutes after half to bring on Stu."

Tazardly: "A good team picks itself, from Shankly, Ralph is tinkering when settled side and the 6th sense it brings are essential."

Ian Byrne: "Forget the result.. at last we had an entertaining game with a few goals and action at both ends of the pitch. Hasslehuttls football has been boring and negative for too long .. just attack and entertain."

Mr. Profit of Rage: "Great managers do come to Saints. Weve had a few, no? It's keeping them at St Mary's that's the problem. You need to identify your target, and strike when the iron's hot. Pochettino, Koeman, for eg. That said, I'm not sure Saints want Ralph out, at all. Some fans do, some don't. It's a costly messy business better done at the end of a season- as long as it isn't an emergency."

On social media, supporters said: