ELLEN MacArthur's record of being the fastestperson to ever sail solo around the world has been shattered.

The Isle of Wight-based MacArthur was in Brest, France, earlier today to welcome Francis Joyon back to dry land after he established a new record.

"It couldn't have gone to anyone better," said MacArthur after Joyon broke her solo record established in 2005.

Joyon, who had been the first man to complete a non-stop circumnavigation in 2004, lost his crown to MacArthur the following year.

He has set a staggering new benchmark time of 57 days, 13 hours, 34 minutes and six seconds.

That was 14 days faster than MacArthur managed it two years ago.

"It's just huge," said MacArthur.

"I really had to give everything I had to beat his 2004 record, today he betters mine by 14 days "Amazing seamanship, ideal weather and a faster boat are the key factors, but above all I cannot express how much respect I have for the man."

MacArthur added: "The moments he is living are extremely preciou. "Nothing really comes close."

Joyon said: "Going after her record was a very tough challenge, and it's not something you'd do every two years.

"But then again, she had smashed mine, so I had to do something about it!

"I know how hard it had been for Ellen considering she bettered a reference time I really had to fight for in 2004, so when I set off I knew I was up against something really big.

"I'd never had dreamt of taking two weeks off her record."

MacArthur and Joyon are the only two sailors to have completed a ratified non-stop solo circumnavigation aboard a multihull.

IDEC (Francis Joyon) 2004.

Line crossing in Brest: February 3.

Elapsed time: 72d 22h 54 min 22 sec.

Record stood for 370 days.

B&Q (Ellen MacArthur) 2005.

Line crossing at Ushant: February 7.

Elapsed time: 71d 14h 18 min 33 sec.

Record stood for 712 days (1 year, 11 months and 13 days).

IDEC (Francis Joyon) 2007.

Line crossing in Brest: January 20.

Elapsed time: 57 d, 13 h, 34 min 6 seconds.

26,400 miles at an average speed of 19.09 knots.

Beating MacArthur's record by 14 days, 44 minutes and 27 seconds.