RALPH Hasenhuttl has reiterated that Saints are ready to pull the trigger on January transfer deals, adding: “When there is somebody we can sign in the winter, then we will do it.”

Since the takeover of the club by investment firm Sport Republic, conversation has naturally swung to how the club will operate in the transfer market.

Eager supporters want the right business now, and Hasenhuttl has not been shy in revealing that Saints have the required resources to satisfy that demand with under three weeks to go in this current window.

However, despite Sport Republic, backed by lead investor Dragan Solak – who was present for Tuesday’s 4-1 win over Brentford, being “definitely keen” to enact Saints’ transfer strategy, the boss added it will be the right decisions that are taken.

Asked if he and the new owners have chatted about just how much funds he will have to play with, the Austrian responded: “Not about the amount of money we want to spend, it's more about the plans we have for the future.

“With this team, everybody sees that the way we were going with a young team to develop and making them better is a very good one for us.

“This is something we want to do in the future, so they are definitely keen to do the same.”

He continued: “And this is why we will have the right decisions to take. And when there is somebody we can sign this winter, then we will do it.”